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8 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Kids This Winter

experts fun stuff kids first Dec 08, 2020

This post was written by Max. Max is 10. He pitched the idea of writing about things parents can do with their kids as the weather gets colder. This is all him.

1. Sock Puppet Shows 

Sock puppet shows are great. Kids love them so, get an old sock, have your kid draw a funny mustash.

Your kid will always play with the new doll. Also you always will be remembered as the parent who was there that day.

2. Board Games

Board games are great to gather around as a family. Play a board game and have a great time. Then get hooked and play every weekend.

Trust me, your kids will love you for getting the cool new board game.

3. Puzzles

Puzzles. People love puzzles. Kids love that great sense of completion in life.

Be the parent who's there to high five your kid for the complete puzzle. Frame it and your kid will always remember that day, even if you live somewhere else.

4.  Books

Kids need to read books to learn and grow, so make it a little bit more fun. Read the same book as your kid. Read it with them or separately.

If you talk about a book with your kid they could even want to read big books with you. If you read a chapter of a book every day you give your kids a huge boost in school.

5. Blanket Forts

Blanket forts. Well to be real, everybody loves blanket forts.

Make a big blanket fort in your living room. Then invite your kids eat dinner and watch a movie. After that great night, you're just about the best dad in town.

6. Building with Blocks and Legos, etc.

Building with Legos or building blocks is an amazing way for your kids to learn to make buildings and learn to love building.

7. Painting

Painting is a way you and your kids can explore new colors and make things. And at the end of the day you get a cute family-made painting to hang up in your place.

8. Crafts

Family crafts are fun, creative ways you and your kids can make things and mess around with glue.

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